The Merbein Community Rodeo is an Incorporated Body and conducted their first rodeo in 2007.

It is conducted annually on the 2nd Saturday in October and held on the former No. 3 oval at Kenny Park, Box Street, next to the Merbein Caravan Park.

Commencing early evening at 7.00pm and finishing in the late evening, the Merbein Community Rodeo is conducted by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers.

It is fully catered and provides fund raising  opportunities for many Merbein community groups who provide food and drink outlets for the patrons.

Interested persons are invited to join our friendly group. We meet at either the Merbein Citizens Club or Merbein Hotel on a irregular basis through-out the year but more frequently in the months prior to October.

Rodeo stock and infrastructure are provided by Woodall Rodeo Promotions

Their aim is to provide even and high quality bucking stock for the professional cowboy at all of their events and to entertain all the fans that follow these events.

The rodeo is part of the Rodeo Services Association Inc.

All of these riders follow this rodeo circuit throughout Australia accumulating points for placings  in the overall Rodeo Services Association championship.